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Over the past 10 years, the number of registered voters who identify as Republican has steadily decreased. Nonetheless, the American people continue to trust Republicans over Democrats to handle such vital issues as the economy, border security, and national defense. People are not leaving the party because America has become more liberal. Indeed, the number of voters who identify as Democrat has remained relatively unchanged over the past decade. People are leaving the Republican Party because the incessant derogatory comments about women, ethnic minorities, and sexual and gender minorities made by high profile Republicans have effectively alienated a growing portion of the electorate. Some are directly offended and made to feel unwelcome; others are friends, family members, or colleagues of those who are maligned and leave the party in disgust.

Brian is adamant that everyone is welcome at campaign events and within the campaign team, regardless of any personal characteristic. All will be respected and their voices will be heard. In addition, Brian pledges to actively work to eliminate discrimination in all its forms and to publicly condemn the use of repugnant and degrading rhetoric.

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Friday, September 10, 2021 12:15 PM

Campaign is Officially Launched

Our campaign to bring truth, integrity, and respect back to Washington was officially launched on Labor Day. A great crowd gathered at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park in Mechanicsburg to hear Brian make his opening comments and to ask him their questions. You can watch the video of Brian's opening statement on our YouTube channel by clicking here

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