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Being a conservative does not mean being stuck in the ways of the past; it means having a clear and principled position that America is best served by (1) fiscal responsibility and free market economics while protecting small businesses, (2) a federal government that is limited in its reach into the private lives of citizens, (3) a belief that the rule of law shall prevail, (4) a strong national defense, and (5) a conviction that the family forms the foundation of our society. These principles are not fixed policy positions, but rather guideposts that help us construct common sense legislation that is responsive to the given challenges of the day. To learn how they guide me, feel free to read my position on various issues below. If an issue important to you is not listed below, please use the "Contact Us" button above and ask me for my position. 


Local family-owned and operated farms form the backbone of much of Pennsylvania's 10th district, but such farms are under attack by large corporate conglomerates. We need to pass legislation that protects small farmers while not standing in the way of innovation and meeting the food needs of an ever growing population. (Read More)

Defense & National Security

Our dedicated fighting men and women are some of America's greatest assets. Too often their welfare and ability to effectively accomplish their missions are held hostage to political wrangling in Washington. Politicians must listen to our generals and admirals, provide the tools necessary to defend our homeland and national interests, and care for our men and women in uniform and their families.  (Read More)

Economy & Taxes

Our government acts recklessly with working citizens' hard earned tax dollars. It is time that politicians in Washington act more responsibly and stop asking Americans to pay more. (Read More)


Federal education policy has been a constant revolving door of expensive programs, none of which have achieved the desired outcome of consistently improving the academic performance of American children. I support returning control of education to the state and local levels, and placing the federal government in a secondary role.    (Read More)


Energy policy must adequately address a number of important issues. We must encourage the use of technology that yields greater levels of energy production, do so in an environmentally conscious manner, and continue to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. (Read More)


I advocate for responsible environmental policies that preserve the beauty of our lands and waterways without crushing businesses with regulations, and private citizens with taxes. (Read More)

Gender Equality

As a nation, we must strive to ensure that one's gender does not limit their opportunities in life or standing in society. (Read More)

Health Care

Republicans have spent over 10 years trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA; Obamacare) without success. It is time that we move forward by proposing and enacting common sense policies that improve the cost effectiveness of health care and that reforms our mental health care system. (Read More)


We must have a coordinated response to the problem of illegal immigration through securing our borders and reforming our immigration system. (Read More)

Law Enforcement & Black Lives Matter

Law enforcement is a difficult job and those tasked with keeping us and our communities safe deserve our utmost respect and support. We must also recognize that our country has a history of racial discrimination and take positive steps to create an environment where all members of the community are heard and respected. (Read More)

Science & Technology

As a nation, we must value and support the innovators and researchers who will discover the next great scientific advances. (Read More)

Second Amendment

I support the right of responsible gun ownership and will fight to defend the second amendment. In those cases where people have shown themselves to be violent, restricting access to guns should only occur after following appropriate due process procedures.  (Read More)

Veterans' Affairs

America owes a great deal to its veterans. The men and women who chose to serve this great country should be treated with respect and provided the absolute best care that our nation can provide. Reforms to the VA are long overdue and must be enacted now.  (Read More)

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